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Nowadays, performance centric advertisers are investing in programmatic to more efficiently reach internet users through real-time bidding and audience targeting techniques.

At Clixous, our programmatic experts use new generation technologies to collect and analyze all campaign and user intent data to reach the right audiences at the right moments. We then hyper-target those moments by channel, location, device type, creatives, contexts and behaviors.

Key Services:

  • Dedicated Programmatic Team
  • Branding and ROI oriented media mix strategies
  • Access to all premium networks
  • Cross-Device Audience Management
  • Streamlined Media Buying: we simplify your media buying process by managing it on one place - from auction to reservation buys
  • Data & Creative Powered Campaigns with Scale: we leverage data, creativityand insights to boost your marketing activities with precision at scale
  • Powerful Measurement & Reporting: we enable a customized view on your user centric marketing across channels, sales funnel and markets
  • Real time trading and performance optimization
  • Integration with Paid Search campaigns